Primal Pastures Fall Pot Luck + Movie on the Pasture


I’ve talked a lot about how much fun we have hosting events on the farm. Breakfasts, farm tours, processing workshops…they’re all great. But pot lucks are BY FAR my favorite.

And this last pot luck was bigger & better than ever before. Why? For one, it was the first time we’ve had more than 100 people visit the farm all at once. So that was pretty cool. More people also meant more food, which is obviously a good thing. And once it got dark, we showed a movie (Babe) on the pasture — which just put the whole thing over the top.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came! We hope you had a blast — we sure did!

But how could we not have with this amazing spread of delicious dishes?


…and so many great people! Here’s our friends Clare and Valerie filling up their plates!


And here’s what my (first) plate looked like. No complaints — except that I got to the desserts too late.


Clare’s grain-free & egg-free chocolate chip cookies were a HUGE hit! Click here for the recipe.


Dinner on the pasture!


The farmers gave everyone a quick tour after dinner. Farmer Paul was probably in the middle of telling everyone all about how we raise our chickens (and why they’re healthier, happier, and better for the environment than the ones they sell at the grocery store — yes, even “free range” grocery store birds).


Val and Rebecca hanging out with their husbands!


From left to right: Monica, Leslie (author of Paleo Girl — a book that would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had read it as a teenager), Leslie’s husband A.J., and Clare.


Relaxing with Babe!


We love the Ruedi Family! Besides just being awesome, Lori also has a wonderful blog dedicated to raising healthy families with essential oils and natural living.


And here’s our good friends Sarah and Nolan! Sarah and her mom make date-based truffles called Druffles. They’re seriously scrumptious. And super addicting…which is okay, because Druffles are made with 100% REAL food (and a lot of love).


It’s always a joy to see Lizette, Aaron, and their kids! This family is the coolest. And their personal chef and catering business, Feasting on Paleo, is a reflection of just how talented and creative this duo is! Everyone LOVED the green eggs and ham they brought to the pot luck (I’ll be posting their recipe on the blog soon)!


Thanks again to all pot luck guests! And to those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at the next one! On that note, any suggestions on which movie we should show next? Let us know with a comment!


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