Primal Pastures Fall Pot Luck + Movie on the Pasture

I’ve talked a lot about how much fun we have hosting events on the farm. Breakfasts, farm tours, processing workshops…they’re all great. But pot lucks are BY FAR my favorite.

And this last pot luck was bigger & better than ever before. Why? For one, it was the first time we’ve had more than 100 people visit the farm all at once. So that was pretty cool. More people also meant more food, which is obviously a good thing. And once it got dark, we showed a movie (Babe) on the pasture — which just put the whole thing over the top.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came! We hope you had a blast — we sure did!

But how could we not have with this amazing spread of delicious dishes?


…and so many great people! Here’s our friends Clare and Valerie filling up their plates!


And here’s what my (first) plate looked like. No complaints — except that I got to the desserts too late.


Clare’s grain-free & egg-free chocolate chip cookies were a HUGE hit! Click here for the recipe.


Dinner on the pasture!


The farmers gave everyone a quick tour after dinner. Farmer Paul was probably in the middle of telling everyone all about how we raise our chickens (and why they’re healthier, happier, and better for the environment than the ones they sell at the grocery store — yes, even “free range” grocery store birds).


Val and Rebecca hanging out with their husbands!


From left to right: Monica, Leslie (author of Paleo Girl — a book that would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had read it as a teenager), Leslie’s husband A.J., and Clare.


Relaxing with Babe!


We love the Ruedi Family! Besides just being awesome, Lori also has a wonderful blog dedicated to raising healthy families with essential oils and natural living.


And here’s our good friends Sarah and Nolan! Sarah and her mom make date-based truffles called Druffles. They’re seriously scrumptious. And super addicting…which is okay, because Druffles are made with 100% REAL food (and a lot of love).


It’s always a joy to see Lizette, Aaron, and their kids! This family is the coolest. And their personal chef and catering business, Feasting on Paleo, is a reflection of just how talented and creative this duo is! Everyone LOVED the green eggs and ham they brought to the pot luck (I’ll be posting their recipe on the blog soon)!


Thanks again to all pot luck guests! And to those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at the next one! On that note, any suggestions on which movie we should show next? Let us know with a comment!

Behind the Craft: Butchery

Photo cred: The Heart & Trotter

Photo cred: The Heart & Trotter

The Primal Pastures family recently helped to put on an event hosted by Green Flash Beer and The Heart & Trotter called Behind the Craft: Butchery. It took place in Green Flash’s tasting room in San Diego and consisted of a live butchering demo, expertly prepared dishes (many of which included organ meats from Cook Pigs) that were paired with various beers, and loads of info on butchery, beer, and sustainable farming.

Organization isn’t one of our strong suits as a family (we’re working on it). And as Farmer Jeff and I, Farmer Rob and Liz, and Farmer Tom were driving to the event, we realized that none of us had a clue what we were getting ourselves into.

The only one who really knew anything about the event ahead of time was Farmer Paul, and he was out of town. From the little he had told us, we knew that the event would include a live lamb butchering demo (with a Primal Pastures lamb we had provided ahead of time), and we knew that Farmer Jeff and Farmer Rob would be expected to give a little shpeal about Primal Pastures.

That was it.

Unsure of what to expect, we continued on to Green Flash. A few minutes after arriving, it became pretty clear that we were about to embark on a pretty incredible evening.

The tasting room.

The tasting room.

Liz and me sipping on Green Flash beer :)

Liz and me sipping on Green Flash beer :)

Dave Adams, Green Flash Director of Beer Education, kicked off the event by giving the crowd a run-down on what beer is, how to taste it, and how it’s made. I was super impressed by the distinct and cutting-edge beers that Green Flash had to offer. They put a ton of effort and creativity into their craft, and it shows. All of the beers I tried that evening were quite tasty. The rest of the family thought so too!

The Heart & Trotter (a whole animal butchery) co-founders James Holtslag and Trey Nichols also spoke to the crowd about their mission to “provide San Diego with the highest quality, local, and sustainable meats and products.” They ONLY work with local farms (like us!) that are dedicated to providing their community with meat that has been raised and slaughtered in the most humane way possible.

They’re passionate about educating others on the benefits of sustainable butchery and supporting local, community-based agriculture. James and Trey are also big advocates of using the WHOLE animal and wasting nothing in the butchering process (something that was reflected in the dishes we were served throughout the night).

Needless to say, these guys are awesome. And after a successful kickstarter campaign, they’re super close to opening their own shop in North Park on the corner of Utah and El Cajon Blvd. Be sure to check them out and pay them a visit if you’re local or visiting the area!

James then began the lamb butchering demo, which went on for the remainder of the evening. A live video feed of the butchering was shown on a large projector screen so that the audience could see him cut, carve, and slice.


Photo cred: The Heart & Trotter

Photo cred: The Heart & Trotter

During part of the demonstration, Jeff & Rob talked about Primal Pastures (who we are, how we started, what we’re all about, etc.). It’s always fun to hear them share our story!

In the midst of all of this, dishes were being brought out — each one of which was carefully paired with a Green Flash brew. Dave walked us through flavor profiles and tasting notes of each dish/beer combo.

This was not an event for the timid, picky, or unadventurous eater. Thankfully, I am none of those things when it comes to food and enjoyed every dish immensely.

The first dish to come out was pork scrapple topped with a poached egg and paired with Citra Session, a deliciously citrusy beer. I had never heard of “scrapple” before and just assumed that it was some kind of sausage, since that’s what it looked like. It wasn’t until after I had finished it that I found out that scrapple is made from ground up leftover pork scraps and trimmings mixed with spices and sometimes cornmeal, wheat flour, and buckwheat flour. Whatever it was, it tasted darn good!


The second dish was blood sausage (made from blood & fat mixed with onion and garlic) paired with Le Freak, a 9.2% beer that I had to remind myself to drink VERY slowly.


Next up was Pork Head Cheese served with petite greens and a Belgian-Style Pale Ale with Brettanomyces (no idea what that means, but it was good). Head Cheese was another first for me. And the name kind of says it all — as it includes shredded up parts of pork head. I know — I’m making your mouth water profusely with these descriptions! Anyone? No? Okay — almost done.


Lastly, we were served Primal Pastures lamb sliders topped with caramelized onions and paired with the “Road Warrior” beer, another dangerous nine-point-two-percenter. The sliders were amazing — I love our lamb! It’s the best ever. Seriously. And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t eat the bread. Not that it would have been a big deal if I did, but it’s just not worth it for me to “cheat” on very much of anything these days (except for beer — that was worth it).


Would you have tried these dishes? Or did you decide to become a vegetarian halfway through reading this post? Let me know with a comment!

Breakfast on the Farm 4/12/14

photo (5)

Breakfasts on the Farm are always a blast! And this last one was no exception.

Primal Pastures puts on a Breakfast on the Farm every couple of months. It’s an awesome opportunity for like-minded folks to come together, watch animals graze, visit with one another, and enjoy a two-course meal cooked from delicious, locally sourced, real food (some of which is raised right on the farm where the breakfast takes place)!


Chef Jamie (my sister in-law) is the mastermind behind this whole event. I am always in awe of her natural ability to create gourmet food without even trying (I was definitely not blessed with those same talents). Before the breakfast, I managed to sneak in bites of some of the dishes she was preparing and they all sent my taste buds on a roller coaster of pleasure. Our guests were equally enthused.


Chef Jamie’s first dish was paleo pancakes served with bacon crumbles and sauteed bananas drizzled with maple syrup. They were unreal. After many attempts at shooting a good picture of them, I threw in the towel. None of them did the pancakes justice.

The second dish consisted of sweet potato & vegetable hash served under pastured beef chorizo topped with two farm-fresh eggs over medium. Also incredibly delicious!

photo (5)

We had about 16 guests in attendance at this breakfast — all wonderful people! Primal Pastures has the best customers in the world. We always have so much fun getting to know them better at this event. Among the many fun and interesting peeps on the guest list were Kim and Amanda, the women behind Paleo Schmaleo. These girls are awesome. And they have an equally awesome instagram account where they sift through (and try out) the best paleo recipes out there, making it easy for you to navigate through the surplus of paleo resources, blogs, and cookbooks.


After breakfast, we gave anyone who was interested a complimentary farm tour. They couldn’t wait to hit up our farm stand afterwards to take home some yummy pastured meats!


From the Primal Pastures family, a huge thank you to everyone who attended Breakfast on the Farm this past weekend. We had the best time meeting you all and hope to meet many more of you soon!

(From left to right) Top Row: Farmer Tom, Farmer Jeff, Farmer Rob, Chef Jamie, Farmer Paul (with future Farmer Noah) Bottom Row: Debbie (Farmer Tom's wife), Me (Bethany), Liz (Farmer Rob's wife), and Lynsey (Farmer Paul's wife)

(From left to right) Top Row: Farmer Tom, Farmer Jeff, Farmer Rob, Chef Jamie, Farmer Paul (with future Farmer Noah)
Bottom Row: Debbie (Farmer Tom’s wife), Me (Bethany), Liz (Farmer Rob’s wife), and Lynsey (Farmer Paul’s wife)