Howdy there! I’m Bethany. I live on a farm and am married to a handsome farmer named Jeff. From the Pasture is the official blog of Primal Pastures — and it’s where I share thoughts, information, and tips on how to live a healthful and happy life!

Together with the rest of the Primal Pastures family, we raise a growing list of pasture-raised, beyond organic animals (chicken, turkey, pigs, and sheep) for our neighbors in Southern California to eat.

Farming wasn’t something that we had always planned on doing. It just kind of…happened.

Ever since starting Primal Pastures in 2012, many of us have shifted gears from 9-5 office jobs to farming full-time. Farming has been (and still is) a crazy, wild, and sometimes very difficult and trying journey — but we love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

We’re learning as we go, driven by our goal of changing the world’s perception of “healthy foods” and wellness, one chicken at a time! In this blog, you can expect to find informative and engaging posts about…

  • Relevant and interesting info on sustainable farming practices and how-to’s!
  • Sound information on the benefits and rationale of eating real food (and staying far away from the processed junk that has been wrongfully touted as “health food” for far too long).
  • Sleep, exercise, wellness…and everything else that makes up a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle!
  • Delicious recipes from Chef Jamie and our lovely customers & fans!
  • Evidence and fact-based reviews of popular health literature and products.
  • Fun events happening on our farm!

This is a place of learning, fun, discussion, and celebration of a more natural lifestyle that has helped so many people to take charge of their health in positive and life-changing ways.

Welcome to the Primal Pastures family. Thanks for reading!


P.S. — Read more about all of us here.