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Why Coca-Cola’s Fairlife Milk Isn’t so Fair

When my husband mentioned that Coca-Cola had broken into the milk business (during a long drive up to Nor-Cal to visit family for Thanksgiving), I was intrigued. Coke is making milk? It seemed pretty strange. I immediately started researching, spending the remainder of our drive scouring the web … [Read More...]


Grainless Granola Goodness

Anytime I hear about a company that's producing a good product made from quality ingredients, I get excited. And when companies like that contact me to review their product, it's even more exciting and fun! There are 2 reasons why I get so fired up about this kinda thing: 1) I love to eat good … [Read More...]


Survival Food (Paleo & Gluten-free Friendly)

When my friend Angelina from Jojo and Eloise told me her idea to write a guest post all about healthy, wholesome survival food, I knew it would be amazing. Angelina is a mother of 6 (yes, 6!) kids who she homeschools. Somehow, she still finds time for her awesome blog and so many other fun ventures. … [Read More...]


The Problem With GMOs

People tend to get pretty worked up over GMOs. Some say they've revolutionized the food industry in remarkable ways, while others are up in arms over their existence and how prevalent they are in our modern food system. This extremely polarized issue is surrounded by a ton of confusion, … [Read More...]


Recipe Spotlight Contest – Deviled Green Eggs and Ham

I'm SO happy to be featuring this recipe spotlight contest entry from Aaron and Lizette of Feasting on Paleo! This husband/wife duo lives in San Clemente with their two boys. Together, Aaron (the acclaimed chef) and Lizette (the business mastermind) specialize in creating flavorful and unique dishes … [Read More...]