Recipe Spotlight Contest – Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This recipe spotlight contest entry is brought to you by Kelly Page, who has been a Primal Pastures customer ever since our kickstarter campaign! Kelly loves tinkering in her kitchen in Southern California and creates recipes using products that grow from the ground as well as ones that are … [Read More...]


Why We Love Maybel (4 Moo-tastic Reasons)

In case you haven't already heard us shout it to the rooftops on facebook and instagram, I'm going to take one more opportunity to really hammer the message home -- WE GOT A COW! And now that she's here, it's hard to imagine how we went so long without her big brown eyes, her loud "MOOOOOOO", … [Read More...]

Photo cred: The Heart & Trotter

Behind the Craft: Butchery

The Primal Pastures family recently helped to put on an event hosted by Green Flash Beer and The Heart & Trotter called Behind the Craft: Butchery. It took place in Green Flash's tasting room in San Diego and consisted of a live butchering demo, expertly prepared dishes (many of which included … [Read More...]


Recipe Spotlight Contest — Paleo Meatballs

This recipe spotlight contest entry is brought to you by Megan Harris! Megan works in software sales and lives in Huntington Beach with her 4 year-old son Nigel. She is always looking for fun and creative ways to teach her son about healthy eating habits and living well! *Remember to comment on this … [Read More...]